Men, you are needed!

Where have you gone?  You were there for so long.  You set the tone.  You knew what responsibilty was. You took pride in how you looked,  the job you performed, the rituals of being a man.  You had pride, you were accountable.  I miss you so much.  I am still looking for you.  Someone who helps me with the children, the shopping, the bills,the were strong, dependable, reliable.  I felt safe and protected.  You wanted me to finish school, to get a good job, to do a good job.You took pride in me, and I shone for you! I kept your home for you, had your children.  I loved you with everything in me.  Where are you? I need you to hold me, to tell me it’s gonna be alright.  I need your tender touch.I need your reassurance.  I loved going to church with you, out for evening, after we got a sitter for the kids.  Maybe we’d steal  a weekend off somewhere not too far.The weekends, when we would steal a couple of hours for intimacy, before the kids found their way to our bed.  Where are you? You who would make me laugh, cry, or just make me glad to be alive.  I am missing you!

“Ever Thought’

As we get older, we get expierence, wisdom, and we can finally see through a lot of the crap.  Our belief system changes.  we may not see life through the eyes of our parents.However what our parents taught us, remains a part of our being.  Ever thought about some of these:  with all of the illnesses that affects so many people throughout the world, such as lupus, cancer, MS, TB, Heart disease, etc, that everyone on the planet has something wrong with him.Whether it is mental or physical, no one is free of some malady.  When you add up the numbers that the government quotes, it is astonishing.  Yet too many of us continue to pass judgment on others to make ourselves feel better.There are those of us who are still caught up in our life style, keeping up with the Hollywood image being forced on the young and old, that we don’t know how to pull back and be objective about what is really going down.  It amazes me how in 35 years we have gone from holding the powers that be accountable for what they do and don’t do.,to anything goes.How in the hell did Reagan, The Bushes, ever get elected? How have Black People allowed Police to kill their children? How is it that the house your parents brought for 10,000 dollars now sells for 100,000 and the neighborhood has changed for the worst.  Why are your children talking like they just left the plantation?, More men and women are child molesters? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?  Why are the goverments of the world doing away with religion when that is and was the main tool to keep people in a check ?Nothing is respected anymore, not women, not church, and not GOD!  a BELIEF SYSTEM is necessary! Respect is necessary.  Pride, and integrity are forgotten words, once dominate in our everyday living.  The world is the Big Easy!  Everything is for sale.  Your wife, children and even you!  There is no fear of going to hell anymore.Only fear of the unseen , all seeing eye{cameras everywhere}.  Government that once was anti-communist, is now itself Marshal law.  There is no wrong.  If you get caught in the act, you get off or rewarded , if you have the dollars.  The O.J. Simpson case, proved that you can kill a white woman as long as you have the money.  I am disappointed, frustrated, sad, afraid, almost hopeless for what the future has in store for us.  You still have the KKK, Who are in dire need of DNA test’s,alive and thrving.  How many of us Humans realize that THE EARTH IS DYING, and it is too late to stop what has been done, but not too late to slow it down.  The race for space is for the rich, who can afford to leave, not the poor working folk.

Talking about America the beautiful in color



America the beautiful in color

Hi there, are you a child of the 1950’s?  Did you attend the public school system? Did you say the Lord’s prayer, say the pledge of allegiance every morning before the school day began?  If you are one of these children, how do you feel now, fifty years later about "American History"?  I didn’t hear anything about Black Americans inclusivesness untill my last year of high school, and it was for those who came behind me.  To make matters worse what they were teaching was about MLK, Booker T Washington, and the current events of Blacks at that present time.  Not that this was a bad thing, on the contrary, it was good, but our American History started before Booker T. Washington. Few Black people knew or talked about just some of these facts;  James Armistead- a black patriot and spy who helped make possible the 1781 Yorktown victory during the American Revolution that established America as an independet nation, ot Peter Salem – a Black patriot who was a hero of the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill; he also fought as one of the legendary Minutemen and was a solider at the Battles of Sartoga and Stony Point.  A monument was erected to his memory in Massachusetts to commemorate his life and deeds.Few people care or realize that Blacks have fought in every determining war affecting this country.When Blacks fought in these wars, they fought side by side with their white  bretherin.    William Nell, a historian of the time, authored"Services of the Colored Patriots of the American Revolution" in 1852, giving so much information concerning this area of history.   How many know the history of the democratic party and how it has shaped this country as far as Blacks are concerned?  I am giving some insight to the beginnings of the party that so many of us are affliated with . Thomas Jefferson is a founder of the Democratic Party.   By 1850 , most of the founding farthers for the Declaration of Independence were dead and the Democratic Congress passed the 1859 Fugitive Slave Law.  This law was disatrous for Blacks in the North.  In 1854, this same congress passed another law strenghting slavery.  Finally in 1854, a number of anti-slavery Democract, Whigs, Free-soilers and Emancipationist- formed a new party to fight slavery and secure equal civil rightsfor Blacks.  The name of this party is "The Republican Party". One of the founders of this new party was a U.S Senator Charles Sumner, who had taken the seat of Black Dan {Daniel Webster}.  In the summer of 1856, Sumner gave a two day speech against slavery.  After the speech, Democratic Representative Preston Brooks form South Carolina came fro the House, over to the Senate, knocked Sumner unconsciousand beat him almost to death.  According to the Democrats, ending slavery would not only be dangerous but would also ruin the happiness of the people.  The two Parties we have today are not the same parties of then. Today the Republican party is considered racist and the Democrats, the party for blacks.  Would we all have different perspectives if history was taught with inclusiveness?  Aren’t you tired of Black History month?  We are upholding the "Separate but not equal" law as long as we accept this way of learning!

The Biggest Dog IN The World

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