“Ever Thought’

As we get older, we get expierence, wisdom, and we can finally see through a lot of the crap.  Our belief system changes.  we may not see life through the eyes of our parents.However what our parents taught us, remains a part of our being.  Ever thought about some of these:  with all of the illnesses that affects so many people throughout the world, such as lupus, cancer, MS, TB, Heart disease, etc, that everyone on the planet has something wrong with him.Whether it is mental or physical, no one is free of some malady.  When you add up the numbers that the government quotes, it is astonishing.  Yet too many of us continue to pass judgment on others to make ourselves feel better.There are those of us who are still caught up in our life style, keeping up with the Hollywood image being forced on the young and old, that we don’t know how to pull back and be objective about what is really going down.  It amazes me how in 35 years we have gone from holding the powers that be accountable for what they do and don’t do.,to anything goes.How in the hell did Reagan, The Bushes, ever get elected? How have Black People allowed Police to kill their children? How is it that the house your parents brought for 10,000 dollars now sells for 100,000 and the neighborhood has changed for the worst.  Why are your children talking like they just left the plantation?, More men and women are child molesters? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?  Why are the goverments of the world doing away with religion when that is and was the main tool to keep people in a check ?Nothing is respected anymore, not women, not church, and not GOD!  a BELIEF SYSTEM is necessary! Respect is necessary.  Pride, and integrity are forgotten words, once dominate in our everyday living.  The world is the Big Easy!  Everything is for sale.  Your wife, children and even you!  There is no fear of going to hell anymore.Only fear of the unseen , all seeing eye{cameras everywhere}.  Government that once was anti-communist, is now itself Marshal law.  There is no wrong.  If you get caught in the act, you get off or rewarded , if you have the dollars.  The O.J. Simpson case, proved that you can kill a white woman as long as you have the money.  I am disappointed, frustrated, sad, afraid, almost hopeless for what the future has in store for us.  You still have the KKK, Who are in dire need of DNA test’s,alive and thrving.  How many of us Humans realize that THE EARTH IS DYING, and it is too late to stop what has been done, but not too late to slow it down.  The race for space is for the rich, who can afford to leave, not the poor working folk.

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