Men, you are needed!

Where have you gone?  You were there for so long.  You set the tone.  You knew what responsibilty was. You took pride in how you looked,  the job you performed, the rituals of being a man.  You had pride, you were accountable.  I miss you so much.  I am still looking for you.  Someone who helps me with the children, the shopping, the bills,the were strong, dependable, reliable.  I felt safe and protected.  You wanted me to finish school, to get a good job, to do a good job.You took pride in me, and I shone for you! I kept your home for you, had your children.  I loved you with everything in me.  Where are you? I need you to hold me, to tell me it’s gonna be alright.  I need your tender touch.I need your reassurance.  I loved going to church with you, out for evening, after we got a sitter for the kids.  Maybe we’d steal  a weekend off somewhere not too far.The weekends, when we would steal a couple of hours for intimacy, before the kids found their way to our bed.  Where are you? You who would make me laugh, cry, or just make me glad to be alive.  I am missing you!

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