Talking about Beverly-Brogdon

Red heartSecret telling smileHow many of you are really interested in how you came to be here?, Your ancestors, your lineage?  I am one of those people who wants to know my family as far back as I can go.  I have been researching my family for years now, and I have found some very interesting information .In researching both sidesof my family, I amazed at how strong mentally the need to survive was and is for human beings. I am still hurt, disapointed, ashamed, angry,at how slavery affects us a people, and why so many of us are still blind, all to forgiving, and continue to make the same mistakes our ancestors made on the continent of Africa. We are not preparing ourselves for the future.  We are not going to school, treating each other with respect, with love,we are killing ourselves and running aroung like chickens with no heads.We don’t have meaningful conversations about important issues that affect our daily lives.We are still caught up the bull, and have the bull for the important issue.  I found this in my research of my mother’s side of the family , and I would like to share this to see if it affects you at all:My mother is what is considered a mixed race person.  In reseaching this side of the family I found this: Mixed
race members of the Beverly family born before 1750:  Barsheba Beverly, born about 1740, a mulatto, taxable in Pittsylvania county, is on John Wilson’s list in 1767, mother of Priscilla.  She is the head of a household in Buckingham County, she is called a mulatto from 1788 thru1791, living on land on Hatcher’s creek.  Then there’s  Sylvester Beverly, born 1742, a revolutionay solider from Franklin County,.  He enlisted in the war of 1776, served until the end of the war.  Was 80 years old when he petioned the legislature for a state pension, and owned 126 arces in 1822.  Other members of the family:Reuben Beverly, taxable in Buckingham county 1787,Jonathan Beverly, mulatto registered as a free negro in 1847 Amherst Co.  1798, taxable.  Frances Beverly married Mary Williams 1798 Buckingham Co., received a grant for 10 arces in Buckingham Co.Samuel and Rhoda Beverly{Monacan Indians} forced to register as free negroes in Amherst Co, 1850.  They are described as both bright mulatto, strait hair, he is 5’6", 5 old, she is 5’3", and it goes on to describe many Beverlys in similar manner of the day and age.
Today , 2010, With all of the technology, Virgin records owner, has built a space ship to take people on a real trip into outer space, and mankind’s mental state has not evoled with technology.  We are still a selfish, judgemental, jealous, coveting, murdering, lying, color conscious, I am better than you, sad excuse , group.   When you read that a person is taxable, like a heard of horses, or some commodities, what does that mean to you?  When one is listed by age, sex,  no last name, what does that mean to you? 
A time line will show you that the progress made since the 1950’s until now is just a blink of an eye, and the last 40 years, have turned the clock back on us, while we sit back and do nothing.  We talk about the latest fashion, who’s who in hollywood, our youth really watch "BET",Aids is killing us at an alarming rate,we go to church to see the show that is put on for our entertainment, What means something to us!  We are dying, are we the living dead? Do we want our children and grandchildren to live?  Because if we do, why can’t we do what we need to do?


Racisim alive and working

The Junction Point of Two Neurons that just don’t ever seem to work

So many Americans claim to be non racists, but what they do in deed, says just the opposite.  President Obama is the example of just how racist this country is and will always be, unless there is an alien invasion.  How do people say one thing and do another in this day and age and not realize it baffles the crap out of me.Bush came up with “No child left behind”, and cut funding for schools, all jobs are now outsourced to other countries, drugs have been woven into the fabric of this country,Reagan set the mentally disabled out on the street, The Bush Noriega chapter is forever present,then Jr., sells out the rest of the country. President Obama steps in a whopping puddle of crap and these Americans can only see the color of his skin. The Tea partyiers say they aren’t racist, but their deeds say just the opposite. The 179 congressmen who outright disrespected the President, just like it was 1865 and as was said then , a white man doesn’t have to respect any Black person.The more things change the more they stay the same.Why is it that being human only matters when the shoe is on the other foot, or one needs an organ transplant, blood donated, a way in to take advantage of getting diamonds, gold, or natural resources. Avatar spells it out for those who are still blind. I’m not a racist, but no people of color live in my neighborhood, attend my church, are members of my clubs,are included in my circle of friends, date my children, play with my children, I can go on and on. Why aren’t the synaspe’s working for these people. 2 and 2 equal 4, so I thought.Let’s call a spade a spade, if looks like duck, walks like a duck then it’s a duck. You are what you do!