“Talking about”, Makes you just shake your head


“Makes you just shake your head
What do you think our fathers and grandfathers who fought in World War II would say, are saying about the world today? Do you think they are happy with the sacrifices they made? What about the mothers and grandmothers who went to work at the jobs that their husbands, brothers, and fathers had held down, would say? Would you say they have been doubled crossed?They were true patriots who the truth was hid from. Many of the Germans who did terrible things to people were given new identities and passage to places like South America. Many of the scientist were given amnesty, as long as they worked for our government. Certain countries that were made safe then are now in danger. It has been found that the very person who caused all this mayhem, Adolph Hitler, may not have committed suicide after all, and to add insult to injury, it seems that Hitler was related to those he despised namely Africans and Jews. DNA samples of saliva taken from his relatives suggest strongly that his antecedents, who were Berbers are of North African descent. It also showed that he was connected to Sephardic Jews. A chromosone called Haplogroup E1b{y-dna} which was found in his relatives dna samples is rare in Germany and Western Europe. Our fathers would be shaking their heads and cursing, thinking of their friends who lost their lives and those were maimed. Just think, DNA is a blessing that some will see as a curse. Maybe if everyone in the world were tested, it would be a better world!


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