Hello world!

I don’t know if my great grandchildren will enjoy any of the world that I knew.  There is very little of it left now.The education that was offered to myself and those ahead of me, no longer exits.  Gone are the school days of music,physical education (chicken fat),saying the Lord’s prayer,school plays, and teachers that cared about you learning.  Not all teachers, but too many of them , are in the job of teaching for the pay check.  Coming out of the jim crow days, the people who were teaching were serious about us kids learning.  Teaching was a job that instilled pride,self confidence, it made one feel necessary.  I visited my grand daughter’s school a year ago, and I was so disappointed at what I saw and heard.  There were kids in the hall running,playing, cursing,and teachers were present and said nothing.  I asked my grand daughter’s teacher why they didn’t do hall duty.  His reply was. “We don’t have to , if we don’t want to”.  It reminded me of jail, where the inmates allow the officers to work, and even they have a certain amount of respect.  How did teachers of my era accomplish so much with so little? It seems to be the theme of today, we don’t have to if we don’t want!No one enforces that people do what they are supposed to, you just pass the buck around. Pass the kid straight through school.  If he can’t read, or add, he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to, except if he wants a job, or meets a girl that excels and leaves him in the dust, or vice versa.  The kids in the rap games, turned a negative into a positive, but there are forces at work to make sure things like that don’t happen again.   Opportunities like Jayzee, Russell Simmons, Motown, Stax, Ebony magazine, weren’t supposed to happen.  Our children aren’t prepared to take advantage of opportunities when they come along.  They’ve taken music out of the schools, as well as civics, and they’ve cut back on anything our children will need to know in the future in order for them to make it.  In place of it they have BET,rap that puts women down,no recreation centers, no jobs,drugs,and sex.  Drugs and sex are destroying us as a people.  Aids is killing the young at an alarming rate.There are more AA women in college than AA young men.  There in jail.With all the money that’s out there in the hands of African Americans, legal and illegal, why hasn’t someone figured out how to put some of these things back into the school system? Why aren’t folk demanding more from their children? Too many of the kids talk like they just left the plantation yesterday. they can’t spell,can’t write a paragraph, or fill out an application. Too many of the tried and true common sense values need to be reinstated.  Kids need to be kids and not adults.  Life experience can’t be taught.   Who will save education!


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