It always come back to “RACE”

Since it always comes back to race, let’s explore where the color problem originated from and why.  the two varieties of humanity that have intermixed the most and the longest are the so-called Black and White races.  The evidence that mankind originated in Africa and migrated to Europe has been known since the 1700’s, but hidden from the mainstream population .  There are usually two forces for intermixture, exogamy and endogamy, inbreeding and out-breeding.During the colonial period it is called miscegenation, or the opposite, race purity.However, in those places where one’s partner in union is not selected by parents, attraction, likes and dislikes, belong to the choosers.  The differences that are determining factors are economic, social, educational, and religious.  Any of these factors can operate as strongly as the racial.The strongest of all objections is color and too many  of its most vociferous objectors practised it and continue to do so.  Today so many politicians object strongly to homsexuals having the same rights, but are in the closet themsleves only to be exposed publicly.The color of skin, long accepted in Europe more than America, or South Africa, is a determing factor when the population is all Black or all White,and is also a  strong influence for mating.  For example, the matter of the blonde and the brunette among white women.  When one reads of a man having an affair with a gorgeous girl , she is always blonde.  When a brunette is mentioned it is sort of apologetic.  Brunettes are supposedley smarter than blondes is another ideom.  Whiteness of skin has been a symbol of purity, goodness, and fine christian  values.  This myth has been debunked . The color of skin is not a determining factor in who lies, steals, rapes, or murders.  The first recorded instance of color prejudice is in India, five thousand years ago when the Aryas invaded the valley of the Indus and found Black people there.  There is evidence of it in ancient egypt, in saying that light complexions are the degraded race of Arvad and the dark complexions are the race of Kush.  Next is the rabbinical writings, referring to the Ham Curse. which the curse was placed on Cannan, Ham’s son.  Now think about it, Ham and his brother and sisters all had the same parents.Could they have been different shades of brown?, Light and dark, and many people of african descent are today?Paul was confused with an Ethiopian bya roman solider .    The Arabs, who are ethnically related to the Jews and are largely Black, had their version of the Ham legend as well.  Another belief is that A white skin is the result of leprosy.  Voltaire thought that african albinos were descended from lepers.   History is a very good teacher   on race and its conflicts throughout the world.  Yet the dumbing down of the educational process in America, will allow the hatred for the color of one’s skin to continue. The Greeks, who owe everything that they were and are, Romans too, to the Egyptians.   the Greeks admired physical strength, muscles,a full deep voice, long arms,big feet, etc.  They  liked brown skin, not too dark, not too light.    Out of these beliefs, a psuedo science grew entitiled, Physiognomy, which rates individuals as good, bad, desirable or undesirable, on their physical traits.   This is just a brief synopsis of why and how I believe race consciousness began and remains forever with this world.  Based on race we are all judged . The determing factors are, buying into stereotypes, accepting labels, governments that care nothing for the people.  Can enlightend people continue to accept what is being fed to them on this issue?  Why are movie stars doing for the people, what world governments should be doing?Will the masses ever wake up and see that in order to make money and rule, that fear, ignorance,and blindness, are the ingredients for the receipe?  Oh yea, just asking, where are the rich going when this planet dies?


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