I’m just sayin

A New Egypt

While watching “Meet The Press”, I could’nt help but to think back to a time in this country when that almost identical situation occurred.  Young people protesting the war in Vietnam, Civil Rights, Poverty, Police Brutality, Gov’t Corruption.  John McCain’s response today was to support the movement in Egypt.  That was not the case when that situation occurred here in the United States.  Police force was the response we got from the government.  As a matter of fact, Crosby, Stills and Nash,Wrote a song about it entitled, “FOUR DEAD IN OHIO’.  At that time I had been out of high school a short time, but seeing what the police force  did to these kids, who were demonstrating peacefully, scared the hell out of me.  I did not understand how our government espoused the constitution, and killed innocent people.College campuses were the places of education and students were doing what they had been taught to do.  At this time , these were the children who had started school in the 1950’s, when you recited the pledge of allegiance, show and tell,weekly readers,brotherhood week,air raid drills,and actively trying to practice the ten commandments.  Words like honesty, integrity,and character, were ideals that a lot of people tried to live up to.  What I understood some of the young people to say was that, they want a government that puts people first, that puts its money where the mouth is.  The world is watching Egypt.  Big countries like the U.S, China, Germany, etc, are hoping it doesn’t become world wide.  Can you just imagine, a government for the people, by the people.  People should come first, after all, without people, what is there to govern?  Why is the U.S. the only significant world power without universal health care?  Why do we still have lobbyist?  Big business needs people in order to be big, but they’ve outsourced everything and as consumers now caught up in everything but paying attention to our grandchildren being less educated, less well off then our generation, we act as if were lost in a fog.  We just sit by and watch everything being stripped away.  The people of Egypt are a light to the world right now, and hopefully they won’t allow the same undemocratic BS to happen again.  Remember, absolute power corrupts, as well as a bunch of talking heads who have that power and support each other. Justice was one of the key words that President Obama used and continues to use.  What is justice without the being able to see it, feel it, taste it. To know that you might be, should be able to get justice! President Obama was that light as well , and still is, depending on what he does and does not do for the next two years.  Light is hope and hope is a light.  Wake the hell up world!  They’re trying hard to put the light out!


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