On the news, there was mention of “Haley Barbour”, who has practically announced his bid for 2012 Presidential election, and he also wants to honor a General Nathan Bedford Forest, who just happen to be head of the KKK  during the civil war era.  Mr. Barbour wants to honor this general with a commemorative state license tag.  How do you interpret this action, what does it mean to you?I wonder if the 179 congress men who disrespected our President feel the same way as Barbour.I interpret this as trying to turn back the clock.  That’s how I interpret their action.The Tea Party as well.  What are the differences among the three?  How many of the 179 were Republicans, Independents, or Democrats?  The silent majority has to be counted as well.  When you add it all up , what segment of the whites actually did vote for the President?  There are no living veterans of the Civil War today, so those who continue to hold with the old south being resurrected are saying what to us that are still  being affected by slavery, and those progressive minded folk.  That America needs to reinstate slavery!, or that in order to be be superior, one has to put others beneath them, what does it really say?If one honors  the “Peculiar Institution”, and the KKK, What does that say about the general feeling of the people represented by the 179 congress men, the tea party and the silent majority?  History of both parties need to be re examined, because so many of us do not read code.  The KKK was formed by the Democratic party after the civil war.  Reconstruction was not what Southern Whites could tolerate, and the Republican party at this time was the party for Blacks.  In 1868, the klan in South Carolina issued a push-card about the size of a baseball card picturing 63 Radicals; they were all Republicans.  At this time the Republican party was bi-racial and allowed Blacks to vote and participate in the political process, this making the Republicans radicals in the eyes of the Democrats.With the help of this card it allowed the Knight Riders(Democrats), to pay a visit too, as they had done to Senator Winsmith. Because of the passage of the 13th amendment and the end of slavery, Black Americans,-particularly in the south, could finally enjoy their first taste of civil rights.  If you remove”Slavery” from the civil war, do you really have a purpose to go to war?  Is there a reason for southern states to secede from the union?  Let’s fast forward,  These same sentiments that certain people had then are present now, and why would anyone want to turn the clock back?  The political parties of today have changed places to a certain degree.As a people united for what the ideals of country have been  built upon, Why do the tea party, silent majority, and the people that the 179 congressmen represent want to reverse policy?  Why do they have a problem with the color of skin?  What does brown and black skin represent to them?  After G.W.Bush’s 8 years of disgrace, what else could the problem be?


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