“Just Sayin’……….

I read in a paper, I won’t mention the name of the paper, that some people are upset that a Black person is playing a role in the new movie “Thor”.  I am trying to understand why they have a problem with it.  No one seems to mind when know historical figures, to name a few are not played by people of color:  Zeus, Hercules,Apollo, Artemis,Dionysius,Cassiopeia, just to name a few.  I do not hear people of color getting irate about actors acting in a role of a movie or a play.  Why can’t folk just leave “color” out of it? The President of the United States , is being constantly disrespected because he happens to be a man of color.  These folk have an awesome problem with color of skin.   That is all they see.With this being said, how can a country move forward when it keeps going backward and won’t even confront the problem of color?  These folk still won’t admit to the “Jefferson/Hemmings” affair.  What about Washington’s Black son by a slave name, “Venus”, or Patrick Henry’s Black son, Ben Franklin’s Black children. Can we read the “Johnnycake Papers”? Exactly what is “FREEDOM”?  Do we really have the right to voice our beliefs,how we feel, or is that only on paper? It seems that that is really what it is.  GIVE ME YOUR TIRED, YOUR POOR”, The promise of America to people looking for a better life,not to be oppressed,not to be silenced, is not for real!  When everything done by a  person of color is picked apart under a microscope, but the same process is not done to other folk says what? If I remember my history, There was a Black Memnon at the battle of Troy.  King Priam’s daughter married a Black man and had a baby named”Tror”, Thor.  Look it up.  Just to give a little more historical insight Ethiopia, prior to becoming a Christian Nation was the home of the Gods.  The Gods of Greece and Rome were the Gods of Ethiopia.Homer, Hesiod, Pindar, and Herodotus mention this in their writings. It is associated with a kingdom said to be seated at Joppa.  In the movie”CLASH OF THE TITANS’, THE ROLES OF KING CEPHEUS, QUEEN CASSIOPEIA AND DAUGHTER ANDROMEDA, are not played by people of color.  The old Romans were more truthful then the folk of today. Pliny, the elder speaks about the name, Ethiopia, being derived from an individual who was the son of Hephaestus. Folk are not in an uproar about this, so why is Thor a problem?  Just sayin…. If this world were attacked by UFO’S, would color matter then?  Would the same folk be telling all people to pull together as a team? Would all people be considered Human? Just keep in mind, If this were to happen, aren’t the UFO’S REALLY REALLY SMART/



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