Race, Forever a Thorn

Today someone sent me a document, elaborating on these issues concerning Blacks:  Greed,no unity,they don’t read,priorities out of wack, and self destructive.  It went on to say that they were still in servitude to whites.It talked about how “BET” , too many of the reality shows with the wives of pro ballers, the name brand clothes, and all the glamour of HOLLYWOOD, are all tools to keep the BLACKS  in MIND CHAINS.  This is the new WILLIE LYNCH  letter, that is being circulated.  Will this letter open folk’s eye’s to how too many people view Blacks? It went on to say much more than I am saying here.  It also brought to mind just how evil, and cruel too many people are.  To take pride in destroying human beings,  that gave and keep on giving to the world.  To take pride in breaking the spirit, the mind,and the soul of human beings, and to stick your chest out and say “This is what I have done” and then turn around a ask folk to donate money for the care of animals, is appalling!You see more ads on television for cats and dogs, as well as the preservation of all wildlife, but not for Human life.


When one looks at the continent of Africa and sees how large it is, and completely populated with people, and how it has been raped by Europeans since they re-entered it . The Portuguese started by trading for gold and other commodities. Then they intermarried with the Africans to gain an inside hold on the gold which turned into Black Gold.  Which was slavery.Many European Houses of royalty intermarried, traded goods.during the mediaeval period.  The Hanseactic trade route was the way of the known world.  King Roderick married a Black Queen.Britian , Spain, joined in and the dye was cast.  When the colonial period of the America’s came, slavery took on a different twist then it had before.After indentured servitude waned, and slavery was determined by skin color, those in power brainwashed themselves into believing that Africans were not human.  That they were somehow lower than animals.  A legal basis was established in Mexico in 1636, creating statues making Africans chattel.  By doing so. The owner of this human chattel had the right to kill, maim, rape. burn , any slave he wanted to.Status passed through the mother.  Africans were slaves for life.In the state of Virginia, 1662 statues read, “All children born in this country shall be held bond or free according to the condition of the mother.  The Barbados slave code of 1661 was a law passed by Colonial Legislature to provide a legal base for slavery.South Carolina adopted this way of slavery.

When one looks back over the years at how the police dealt with Black folk, killing Black men , warehousing Black men in jails, the mis- education of Black children, Black women so disrespected in every manner, Slavery has never left.  It took on a new form but still recognizable.The 1980’s and 90’s saw more police shooting Black youths and men , like it was open season for duck hunting.The progress made in the 1960’s and 70’s , has gone.  There are no programs, no recreation centers,no jobs, and what was a decent school system then , nothing remains today. The document that I read today is one that no human should be proud of.  I want as many Black folk to read this document to see just how folk think of themselves and Blacks!




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