a PATRIOT is simply one who loves his country.  To show one’s love of country, one takes care of his country.  He does no harm, only what will enhance his country.So if this is the true definition of patriotism  what is the definition of the TEA PARTY, DONALD TRUMP,AND OF COURSE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.A government where supreme power is held by the citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives  who then govern by law is what should be occurring in our country , but this is not what is taking place.  President Obama released the long form of his birth certificate today since the short form  wasn’t acceptable to the aforementioned parties.He has been in office a little over two years and this barb has continued to the point that Donald Trump used it as one of his ploys to see how much momentum he could garner if in fact he does intend to throw his hat in the ring for President.If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.  In order to be a patriot, shouldn’t Trump and the others be helping instead of hurting.  Instead of finding  inconsequential things to distract the President and others who are helping to solve the problems, they are part of the problems facing this country.  One has to ask WHY?Why would a patriot harm his country if he profess’s to be a patriot.The answer is what?Is anyone going to tell the truth.If it’s not his religion, then it’s his birth, or he doesn’t have the experience.  What else are they gonna come up with except to tell the truth.  The truth will set everybody free.  This action and others too many to mention are extensions of that “PECULIAR INSTITUTION’ from a 150 years ago.The way that too many people feel about having a President who is a man of color speaks for its self.  If those out there who believe that being white is superior, then why all the distraction. Why the anger.   If the color of one’s skin is an indicator of intelligence, then the distractions don’t make sense. President Obama has disappointed some people by the bailouts, but what do you think he should have done, let the banking institution fail. then where would we all be.  The motor industry was another one that was bailed out.  No matter how you look at it, GEORGE BUSH, is the reason why the country was left in a mess. I didn’t see or hear anyone calling him a terrorist, or anyone asking for his impeachment.  Impeachment is what should have happen.

We have a country where people live in fear.  If you do the right thing , your punished.  If you do the wrong thing in a smart and clever way, your rewarded.  To be a patriot today is tricky. To demonstrate one’s love of country, could cost you your life, all you have to do is read the constitution of the United States and do what it tells you to do.  What do you think will happen?


A Receipe for Continued Destruction

Today I saw and read an article about one”Marilyn Davenport”, from Orange County, California, who sincerely insults mine and most people’s intelligence.  She wants us to believe that a card depicting a family of chimps,3 in total, a father, mother and baby chimp, with the Presidents face on the baby chimp and the caption reading”Now You Know Why No Birth Certificate”, is a joke.  What the hell is funny and who is it funny to!  If she has a mind set like this,  and she is not alone in this way of thinking, then is it possible to have hope that stupidity,ignorance,and most of all racism can ever be addressed and understood with people who feel as she has so boldly demonstrated?Then there’s the celebration of the 150 year anniversary of the Civil War.  Some are planning to have a ball to celebrate.  Again there’s all this talk of Lincoln’s assassination.  New books are out about it.  The fact that Nancy Hanks is an ancestor of the actor “Tom Hanks” is in the news again.  You still have the Tea Party and who could forget , the Republican party, fighting the President every step of the way.  Mix together and what do you have?”CONTINUED DESTRUCTION”.   The evolution of intelligence is not in this recipe.    Just think, here we are again dealing with RACE.  It was a thorn for Lincoln as it is for Obama.  W.E. B Du Boise predicted this 100 years ago. The problem for the 21st century. People of color and people who feel that  people of color are human beings have been murdered because of racial superiority. The fact that some people have so much hatred for the President because he is of color, that that is all they are consumed with.  The rise of John Wilkes Booth is back.  I take this talk as threats against the President.   The President has been walking a tight rope from day one.  He and his family have been under a microscope.  Why?   Color of skin.  Too many political folk keep referring to the founding fathers, hoping for some sort of validity, only to prove that they need to go back to school.  Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration, who also worked with the Rev. Richard Allen to found the AME church, worked and served under 3 different Presidents, each from different political parties, is some one they should have studied and taken a lesson from.  He called himself a :Christ-ocrat.  He believed all power will always fail of producing order and happiness in the hands of man. Rush was a man of God and stood for those principles.  Noah Webster. another founding father, reminded voters that principle should be a guide for selecting men  for office.  Was Jimmy Carter the last real President?  People as a whole are unforgiving judges.  The hostage situation is what was held against Carter.  What is being held against Reagan, The two Bushes who were President.  Bill did a good job, but the Republicans had to make his personal business public.Marilyn Davenport does a good job reminding us of just how hatred there is for people of color.  She was not alive during the civil war, but generational hatred has been a way of life for so many folk.Haley Barbor is another who is celebrating the anniversary of the civil war.  Many people were expecting President Obama to do What Roosevelt did for the depression of the 1930’s.  Wpa program was a life safer for people then as well as the war.As a matter of fact, it was under Roosevelt that the Democrats-for the first time-placed language in their platform calling for an end to racial discrimination, and the Democrats in Congress still killed every piece of civil rights legislation introduced in that era.  America needs a recipe for the growth,the unity, and  yes, to start facing its fear of skin color. Because the Chimp picture is something that was done and said over a hundred years ago, she should have also know that some people actually shaved a chimp of his hair to see who the chimp resembled more.In closing,  I ‘d like people to remember that during the civil war there was a horrible occurrence referred to as the “POISON SPRING’.  on April 18th, 1864, Colored troops the 1st of Kansas, were murdered, tortured, burned, women and children, all bodies mutilated and dumped in the spring.  These White people were angry that colored men had been allowed to serve in the war.  So with this in mind, the recipe for destruction is something everyone needs to take to heart.  Look in the mirror, you don’t have to believe in GOD.  Are you a decent HUMAN BEING,  do you know right from wrong, and you are not a GOD!

It always come back to “RACE”

It always come back to “RACE”.