a PATRIOT is simply one who loves his country.  To show one’s love of country, one takes care of his country.  He does no harm, only what will enhance his country.So if this is the true definition of patriotism  what is the definition of the TEA PARTY, DONALD TRUMP,AND OF COURSE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.A government where supreme power is held by the citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives  who then govern by law is what should be occurring in our country , but this is not what is taking place.  President Obama released the long form of his birth certificate today since the short form  wasn’t acceptable to the aforementioned parties.He has been in office a little over two years and this barb has continued to the point that Donald Trump used it as one of his ploys to see how much momentum he could garner if in fact he does intend to throw his hat in the ring for President.If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.  In order to be a patriot, shouldn’t Trump and the others be helping instead of hurting.  Instead of finding  inconsequential things to distract the President and others who are helping to solve the problems, they are part of the problems facing this country.  One has to ask WHY?Why would a patriot harm his country if he profess’s to be a patriot.The answer is what?Is anyone going to tell the truth.If it’s not his religion, then it’s his birth, or he doesn’t have the experience.  What else are they gonna come up with except to tell the truth.  The truth will set everybody free.  This action and others too many to mention are extensions of that “PECULIAR INSTITUTION’ from a 150 years ago.The way that too many people feel about having a President who is a man of color speaks for its self.  If those out there who believe that being white is superior, then why all the distraction. Why the anger.   If the color of one’s skin is an indicator of intelligence, then the distractions don’t make sense. President Obama has disappointed some people by the bailouts, but what do you think he should have done, let the banking institution fail. then where would we all be.  The motor industry was another one that was bailed out.  No matter how you look at it, GEORGE BUSH, is the reason why the country was left in a mess. I didn’t see or hear anyone calling him a terrorist, or anyone asking for his impeachment.  Impeachment is what should have happen.

We have a country where people live in fear.  If you do the right thing , your punished.  If you do the wrong thing in a smart and clever way, your rewarded.  To be a patriot today is tricky. To demonstrate one’s love of country, could cost you your life, all you have to do is read the constitution of the United States and do what it tells you to do.  What do you think will happen?


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