Ferguson, The United States Of America

The Big guns were called in ahead of time, which says the verdict was already in.  Those of us who have lived through the 60’s, and those who study history didn’t expect anything different.  The message was sent when President Obama won the election.Doctor Henry Gates was the target that said that it was on!  The attack on Black men, the rape of women, the demise of education in the public school system, no jobs that pay a living wage,and the focus  on celebrities ,and trying to attain that life style is achieving for those who have more than they need to have  the infinite position of power.  Cliche’s come to mind, ” A house divided cannot stand”, is one.  The need to keep division among people, the color of one’s skin, the better educated, constantly bombarding people with  hopes of attaining wealth by playing a game of ball, being a singer or actor,a dancer,,and taking away the essentials that would allow people  to see each other as equals is merely a dream.  To  live in fear is  not is not what the constitution guarantees.  The 50 states and common wealths of the United States can all be seen in Ferguson.People of color are still seen as prey for the police, and white men.  The incident where the police asked a Black man to get his ID out of his vehicle, and then shot him more then once and calmly said he had called medical attention for him, never putting his gun by his side is the perfect example of how the police see their job.Every State has the same stories.  The fact that this has been going on since 1865 says they don’t intend to stop unless masses of people take to the streets and say they will not accept this behavior any longer.  The truth about history needs to be taught as well as the enforcement of laws , women are humanbeings, everyone has a mother.  To be raped and to live in fear is just unreal, yet women have been subjected to this since forever..  When a woman is raped, the burden of proof is on her.  The shame, humiliation being tagged is  what she is left with. The Bill Cosby phenomenom syas it all.The republicans call the President a king, but action speaks louder than words.  Look at what occurs and not what is said.  This picture speaks more then a thousand words.