While looking and listening to the “TODAY SHOW’, this morning, the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death came as a surprise to me.  Not so much his death but the way it was being presented.  It was being hailed as justice for the 911 bombing of the Twin Towers.  It struck me as being so different because I wondered should they have taken him alive as opposed to murdering him on the spot and naming it Justice.  An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, isn’t that how the saying goes.  The news media has allowed the world to see that Bin Laden was suffering with an incurable illness, so many thought and may continue to think that his illness is what did him in, but would it had served the world to put him on trial?  What message would a trial have conveyed to the Muslin, Arabic world and the world in general?  Now  I  wonder if some will view this action as vigilantly justice.  The thought crossed my mind that is it right for someone to kill the person who is responsible for the murder of a loved one?  Bin Laden is and now was responsible for the deaths of so many people.  He caused turmoil,lost,physical, and mental damage to the entire United States and the world.  For it to be over just like that, doesn’t satisfy me.  After the Bush administration could never produce him, and to wake to his death, just doesn’t feel right.  I am truly surprised at this revelation.  Now the analytical process’s will begin on his death.  This just doesn’t sit well with me.  Something just isn’t right about this.   Closing the door on this after so many years of, “Where Is Bin Laden”, doesn’t feel like justice.  A court trial is what should have happen.  Seeing him get what he was due would have been justice.  Now What!



a PATRIOT is simply one who loves his country.  To show one’s love of country, one takes care of his country.  He does no harm, only what will enhance his country.So if this is the true definition of patriotism  what is the definition of the TEA PARTY, DONALD TRUMP,AND OF COURSE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.A government where supreme power is held by the citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives  who then govern by law is what should be occurring in our country , but this is not what is taking place.  President Obama released the long form of his birth certificate today since the short form  wasn’t acceptable to the aforementioned parties.He has been in office a little over two years and this barb has continued to the point that Donald Trump used it as one of his ploys to see how much momentum he could garner if in fact he does intend to throw his hat in the ring for President.If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.  In order to be a patriot, shouldn’t Trump and the others be helping instead of hurting.  Instead of finding  inconsequential things to distract the President and others who are helping to solve the problems, they are part of the problems facing this country.  One has to ask WHY?Why would a patriot harm his country if he profess’s to be a patriot.The answer is what?Is anyone going to tell the truth.If it’s not his religion, then it’s his birth, or he doesn’t have the experience.  What else are they gonna come up with except to tell the truth.  The truth will set everybody free.  This action and others too many to mention are extensions of that “PECULIAR INSTITUTION’ from a 150 years ago.The way that too many people feel about having a President who is a man of color speaks for its self.  If those out there who believe that being white is superior, then why all the distraction. Why the anger.   If the color of one’s skin is an indicator of intelligence, then the distractions don’t make sense. President Obama has disappointed some people by the bailouts, but what do you think he should have done, let the banking institution fail. then where would we all be.  The motor industry was another one that was bailed out.  No matter how you look at it, GEORGE BUSH, is the reason why the country was left in a mess. I didn’t see or hear anyone calling him a terrorist, or anyone asking for his impeachment.  Impeachment is what should have happen.

We have a country where people live in fear.  If you do the right thing , your punished.  If you do the wrong thing in a smart and clever way, your rewarded.  To be a patriot today is tricky. To demonstrate one’s love of country, could cost you your life, all you have to do is read the constitution of the United States and do what it tells you to do.  What do you think will happen?


“Just Sayin’……….

I read in a paper, I won’t mention the name of the paper, that some people are upset that a Black person is playing a role in the new movie “Thor”.  I am trying to understand why they have a problem with it.  No one seems to mind when know historical figures, to name a few are not played by people of color:  Zeus, Hercules,Apollo, Artemis,Dionysius,Cassiopeia, just to name a few.  I do not hear people of color getting irate about actors acting in a role of a movie or a play.  Why can’t folk just leave “color” out of it? The President of the United States , is being constantly disrespected because he happens to be a man of color.  These folk have an awesome problem with color of skin.   That is all they see.With this being said, how can a country move forward when it keeps going backward and won’t even confront the problem of color?  These folk still won’t admit to the “Jefferson/Hemmings” affair.  What about Washington’s Black son by a slave name, “Venus”, or Patrick Henry’s Black son, Ben Franklin’s Black children. Can we read the “Johnnycake Papers”? Exactly what is “FREEDOM”?  Do we really have the right to voice our beliefs,how we feel, or is that only on paper? It seems that that is really what it is.  GIVE ME YOUR TIRED, YOUR POOR”, The promise of America to people looking for a better life,not to be oppressed,not to be silenced, is not for real!  When everything done by a  person of color is picked apart under a microscope, but the same process is not done to other folk says what? If I remember my history, There was a Black Memnon at the battle of Troy.  King Priam’s daughter married a Black man and had a baby named”Tror”, Thor.  Look it up.  Just to give a little more historical insight Ethiopia, prior to becoming a Christian Nation was the home of the Gods.  The Gods of Greece and Rome were the Gods of Ethiopia.Homer, Hesiod, Pindar, and Herodotus mention this in their writings. It is associated with a kingdom said to be seated at Joppa.  In the movie”CLASH OF THE TITANS’, THE ROLES OF KING CEPHEUS, QUEEN CASSIOPEIA AND DAUGHTER ANDROMEDA, are not played by people of color.  The old Romans were more truthful then the folk of today. Pliny, the elder speaks about the name, Ethiopia, being derived from an individual who was the son of Hephaestus. Folk are not in an uproar about this, so why is Thor a problem?  Just sayin…. If this world were attacked by UFO’S, would color matter then?  Would the same folk be telling all people to pull together as a team? Would all people be considered Human? Just keep in mind, If this were to happen, aren’t the UFO’S REALLY REALLY SMART/


I’m just sayin

A New Egypt

While watching “Meet The Press”, I could’nt help but to think back to a time in this country when that almost identical situation occurred.  Young people protesting the war in Vietnam, Civil Rights, Poverty, Police Brutality, Gov’t Corruption.  John McCain’s response today was to support the movement in Egypt.  That was not the case when that situation occurred here in the United States.  Police force was the response we got from the government.  As a matter of fact, Crosby, Stills and Nash,Wrote a song about it entitled, “FOUR DEAD IN OHIO’.  At that time I had been out of high school a short time, but seeing what the police force  did to these kids, who were demonstrating peacefully, scared the hell out of me.  I did not understand how our government espoused the constitution, and killed innocent people.College campuses were the places of education and students were doing what they had been taught to do.  At this time , these were the children who had started school in the 1950’s, when you recited the pledge of allegiance, show and tell,weekly readers,brotherhood week,air raid drills,and actively trying to practice the ten commandments.  Words like honesty, integrity,and character, were ideals that a lot of people tried to live up to.  What I understood some of the young people to say was that, they want a government that puts people first, that puts its money where the mouth is.  The world is watching Egypt.  Big countries like the U.S, China, Germany, etc, are hoping it doesn’t become world wide.  Can you just imagine, a government for the people, by the people.  People should come first, after all, without people, what is there to govern?  Why is the U.S. the only significant world power without universal health care?  Why do we still have lobbyist?  Big business needs people in order to be big, but they’ve outsourced everything and as consumers now caught up in everything but paying attention to our grandchildren being less educated, less well off then our generation, we act as if were lost in a fog.  We just sit by and watch everything being stripped away.  The people of Egypt are a light to the world right now, and hopefully they won’t allow the same undemocratic BS to happen again.  Remember, absolute power corrupts, as well as a bunch of talking heads who have that power and support each other. Justice was one of the key words that President Obama used and continues to use.  What is justice without the being able to see it, feel it, taste it. To know that you might be, should be able to get justice! President Obama was that light as well , and still is, depending on what he does and does not do for the next two years.  Light is hope and hope is a light.  Wake the hell up world!  They’re trying hard to put the light out!

Hello world!

I don’t know if my great grandchildren will enjoy any of the world that I knew.  There is very little of it left now.The education that was offered to myself and those ahead of me, no longer exits.  Gone are the school days of music,physical education (chicken fat),saying the Lord’s prayer,school plays, and teachers that cared about you learning.  Not all teachers, but too many of them , are in the job of teaching for the pay check.  Coming out of the jim crow days, the people who were teaching were serious about us kids learning.  Teaching was a job that instilled pride,self confidence, it made one feel necessary.  I visited my grand daughter’s school a year ago, and I was so disappointed at what I saw and heard.  There were kids in the hall running,playing, cursing,and teachers were present and said nothing.  I asked my grand daughter’s teacher why they didn’t do hall duty.  His reply was. “We don’t have to , if we don’t want to”.  It reminded me of jail, where the inmates allow the officers to work, and even they have a certain amount of respect.  How did teachers of my era accomplish so much with so little? It seems to be the theme of today, we don’t have to if we don’t want!No one enforces that people do what they are supposed to, you just pass the buck around. Pass the kid straight through school.  If he can’t read, or add, he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to, except if he wants a job, or meets a girl that excels and leaves him in the dust, or vice versa.  The kids in the rap games, turned a negative into a positive, but there are forces at work to make sure things like that don’t happen again.   Opportunities like Jayzee, Russell Simmons, Motown, Stax, Ebony magazine, weren’t supposed to happen.  Our children aren’t prepared to take advantage of opportunities when they come along.  They’ve taken music out of the schools, as well as civics, and they’ve cut back on anything our children will need to know in the future in order for them to make it.  In place of it they have BET,rap that puts women down,no recreation centers, no jobs,drugs,and sex.  Drugs and sex are destroying us as a people.  Aids is killing the young at an alarming rate.There are more AA women in college than AA young men.  There in jail.With all the money that’s out there in the hands of African Americans, legal and illegal, why hasn’t someone figured out how to put some of these things back into the school system? Why aren’t folk demanding more from their children? Too many of the kids talk like they just left the plantation yesterday. they can’t spell,can’t write a paragraph, or fill out an application. Too many of the tried and true common sense values need to be reinstated.  Kids need to be kids and not adults.  Life experience can’t be taught.   Who will save education!

“Talking about”, Makes you just shake your head


“Makes you just shake your head
What do you think our fathers and grandfathers who fought in World War II would say, are saying about the world today? Do you think they are happy with the sacrifices they made? What about the mothers and grandmothers who went to work at the jobs that their husbands, brothers, and fathers had held down, would say? Would you say they have been doubled crossed?They were true patriots who the truth was hid from. Many of the Germans who did terrible things to people were given new identities and passage to places like South America. Many of the scientist were given amnesty, as long as they worked for our government. Certain countries that were made safe then are now in danger. It has been found that the very person who caused all this mayhem, Adolph Hitler, may not have committed suicide after all, and to add insult to injury, it seems that Hitler was related to those he despised namely Africans and Jews. DNA samples of saliva taken from his relatives suggest strongly that his antecedents, who were Berbers are of North African descent. It also showed that he was connected to Sephardic Jews. A chromosone called Haplogroup E1b{y-dna} which was found in his relatives dna samples is rare in Germany and Western Europe. Our fathers would be shaking their heads and cursing, thinking of their friends who lost their lives and those were maimed. Just think, DNA is a blessing that some will see as a curse. Maybe if everyone in the world were tested, it would be a better world!

“Ever Thought’

As we get older, we get expierence, wisdom, and we can finally see through a lot of the crap.  Our belief system changes.  we may not see life through the eyes of our parents.However what our parents taught us, remains a part of our being.  Ever thought about some of these:  with all of the illnesses that affects so many people throughout the world, such as lupus, cancer, MS, TB, Heart disease, etc, that everyone on the planet has something wrong with him.Whether it is mental or physical, no one is free of some malady.  When you add up the numbers that the government quotes, it is astonishing.  Yet too many of us continue to pass judgment on others to make ourselves feel better.There are those of us who are still caught up in our life style, keeping up with the Hollywood image being forced on the young and old, that we don’t know how to pull back and be objective about what is really going down.  It amazes me how in 35 years we have gone from holding the powers that be accountable for what they do and don’t do.,to anything goes.How in the hell did Reagan, The Bushes, ever get elected? How have Black People allowed Police to kill their children? How is it that the house your parents brought for 10,000 dollars now sells for 100,000 and the neighborhood has changed for the worst.  Why are your children talking like they just left the plantation?, More men and women are child molesters? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?  Why are the goverments of the world doing away with religion when that is and was the main tool to keep people in a check ?Nothing is respected anymore, not women, not church, and not GOD!  a BELIEF SYSTEM is necessary! Respect is necessary.  Pride, and integrity are forgotten words, once dominate in our everyday living.  The world is the Big Easy!  Everything is for sale.  Your wife, children and even you!  There is no fear of going to hell anymore.Only fear of the unseen , all seeing eye{cameras everywhere}.  Government that once was anti-communist, is now itself Marshal law.  There is no wrong.  If you get caught in the act, you get off or rewarded , if you have the dollars.  The O.J. Simpson case, proved that you can kill a white woman as long as you have the money.  I am disappointed, frustrated, sad, afraid, almost hopeless for what the future has in store for us.  You still have the KKK, Who are in dire need of DNA test’s,alive and thrving.  How many of us Humans realize that THE EARTH IS DYING, and it is too late to stop what has been done, but not too late to slow it down.  The race for space is for the rich, who can afford to leave, not the poor working folk.