Lost and “We Don’t Talk About That”

When Slavery is discussed these days, it is usually only about African Americans or Africans.  This is due in part that skin color denotes slavery, which became the norm in colonial America after indentured slavery was no longer needed.  That system played out when it was noted that Blacks were out numbering whites in the southern states,and that color itself would signify slave status.  The word “Slav”, originally meant, “the People of glory”, who were a Slavs or slavonians taken in war, not Black but White.  For the transportation of white slaves to America and their sale see, James Oneal: The Workers in American History, chap.,”The White Slave Trade>”He quotes: One ship sailing…in 1745 with 400 Germans of whom only 50 lived to see America…..Still another bearing 1500 lost1100 from deaths on the voyage.  J.B. McMaster, a noted historian of the times said, “Packed like herring and sold as slaves.” The newcomer became in the eyes of the law a slave and in both criminal and the civil code was classed with the Negro slaves and the Indians……They were worked hard, were dressed in the cast off clothes of their owners and might be flogged as often as the master or mistress thought necessary.Europe’s whites , the Irish,Scots, and many others, entered this America as slaves.For the sale of White people as Negro slaves, see:article from Cincinnati Philanthropist, reprinted in Colored American June 20th, 1840,where a white woman and her 10 children by 2 of her white masters were sold as Negroes. For the seduction and sale of other Whites as Negroes, see Anglo-African Magazine, Vol 1, p.336(1859) Richard Hildreth, an American Historian of the times said: “Just catch a stray Irish or German girl and sell her-a thing sometimes done”. MacCormac says::All persons who were captured in Europe by kidnappers and sent to America were sold by the captain to the highest bidder without indenture.(Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies in Hist. and Pol. Science, Nos. 3 and 4) This meant they could be held slaves for life like Negroes.For the story of Sally Mueller, a German woman, held as a Negro, see Slavery Pamphlet, Vol.23, No.15, New York Public Library.George Fitz-Hugh of Virginia fought for the opinion that not only Negroes but all proletarian whites emigrated from Germany and Ireland should be sold as slaves for reasons of humanity.”  Cromwell ordered several thousand of Irish to be sold as slaves to the West Indies.Later, prisoners, even political rebels were sold in large numbers as slaves.”One man in ten I knocked in the head; the rest I took to Barbados,”so says Cromwell.  C.M. McInnes says of the West Indies, ” The White servants were often placed under Black overseers.       Many Whites are not only descendants of  the institution of slavery but of Black slaves.  There are 25 million White descendants of Black slaves.  This is another topic that I won’t go into right now. That both Negroe and Whites were and is still rumored were held as slaves in North Africa is common knowledge of the people that live there and Europe.  Arabia and Morocco were infamous for their White  Slaves.   Kings  of Europe collected monies to pay for their return.  England in particular.  Rosita Forbes, in the chapter, “The Slave Market-Arabia,” tells of the White women slaves one of whom ” might have been born anywhere north…. even of the English Channel” and of :Circassians….of a fairness ranging from ivory to olive.”-Women Called Wild, p.28-48, N.Y.,1937   There is so much literature on this subject, but as I said, WE Don’T Talk About This! , but we really ought too.     In order for this country to move forward it has to address the issues staring it in the face.  It is the proverbial elephant or gorilla in the room that no one wants to admit is there.  It is disheartening,dishonest, and unfair not to have  and address the issues  race and slavery.