Facts, Little Known or Forgotten


These are forgotten and or little know facts about Blacks.The first  clock made in America was made by Benjamin Banneker, who also was an astronomer and he contributed the  layout of Washington D.C.

Blacks were the first artist.  The oldest drawings and carvings were executed by Black people over 15,000 years ago in Southern France, Northern Spain, Palestine, South Africa and India.

Beethoven was a dark mulatto, he was called “The Black Spaniard”, and Joseph Haydn was also a mulatto.

The Grimaldi, a Black people, lived in Europe as late as 12,000 years ago.  Two complete skeletons are in the Museum of Monaco.

The Ganges, the scared river of India, is named after an Ethiopian King of this name who conquered Asia as far as this river.

Blacks  lived in America thousands of years before Columbus.Central American monuments show numerous carvings of them as Gods.  The first white men to reach  the American mainland, tell of seeing Blacks.

Estevanico, a Black from Morocco, was one of a party of four to cross the North American continent in 1536.

Tippo Tib, A Black trader in slaves and ivory, from Zanibar, was the first civilized man to penetrate the center of Africa.

Imhotep of Ancient Egypt was the real father of medicine.

Dr. Daniel Williams, Chicago surgeon was the first to perform a successful heart operation.

Aben Ali, an African, was private physician to Charles Vll

Eugen Chen, born of Chinese and Black parentage in Trinidad, 1878, was Minister of Foreign Affairs for China, as well as secretary to Dr. Sun Yat Sen, first president of China.

In the 1850’s, Mrs. Leybonn, an Englishwoman was “Queen of the Slave-traders,  at Rio Pongo, one of the principal slave post in West Africa.  She had a fort armed with cannon and 300 devoted Blacks.  She had 3 mulatto children, a boy and 2 girls.

The celestial Saint of Germany was St. Maurice,  a Black. His picture is in many German cathedrals and museums.

Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, a man of color, was the founder  of the present royal family of Sweden.

John Vl, King of Portgual, a dark mulatto, was the maker of modern Brazil.

The word “slave” was originally applied to white people.  It comes from “Slav” a Russian people captured by the Germans.

The Greeks and Romans state that the whole of Mesopotamia was predominately Black.

There were two Susian races.  Memnon, the legendary hero, who perished under the walls of Troy, had a Black father and a White mountian woman mother named Kissa.  These two races united to form the Persians.

Persia was originally dominated by a Black people know as the elamites.

In 1836, The Black wife of Osceola, a Seminole chief of Indian-Black descent was seized as a slave.Osecola, in revenge, ambushed, killed and scalped U.S.General Thompson and three other white men.  This started the war.

Phoebe Fraunces, the daughter of Black Sam, a west Indian Black , saved Washington’s life.  In 1776, the British tried to poison Washington.  Black Sam owned a tavern where Washington and his men discussed plans of the Revolutionary war.  The British’s agent, Thomas Hickey, an Irishman, who was Washington’s body guard, had begun to win Phoebe”s heart.  He gave to her a dish of poisoned peas to serve him.  Phoebe, despite her feelings  for Hickey, warned Washington, who threw the peas in the yard with the chickens, who ate them and died.Hickey was hanged before a crowd of 20,000 in New York City.

On May 9, 1862, Gen.Hunter of the union Army issued a proclamation freeing the slaves of Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, which Lincoln annulled.

Hannibal Hamlin, Civil War Vice-President, a native of Maine, was strongly objected to by the South and it sympathizers, who declared he was a negro.

Histoire Universelle speaks of Austria being inhabited by negroes in the paleolithic age.

Queen of France, Maria Theresa, gave birth to a mulatto daughter named Louise Marie.  She was the daughter of Nabo, a negro favorite of the Queen.  King Louis the XlV, had this child confined to a nunnery.
General A.A. Dodds, conqueror of Dahomey and France’s greatest colonial solider, was of mulatto parentage.

Voltaire tells of a Negro sea-rover who captured the daughter of Pope Urban X and the Princess of Palestrina of Italy.  In 1801, Lempriere says of the “Salee Rovers”, they were for a long time the terror of the commerce of Europe.

These are a mere fraction off facts about people of color in the past.  There will be more.


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